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Fall on the Farm

I love the Colorado sky in fall. The deep, piercing blue is such a contrast to the dull greens and browns. On the farm, the beauty of the fall leaves has past, so only the sky seems to offer brilliant color when I walk outside. It is now hard to imagine that the field in the picture grew grass  thigh-high that was grazed down three times during the last spring and summer. The cattle have moved across the creek for the winter. The horses will soon move to the hills pictured in the distance, and the chickens and pigs stay close to the barn. The daily work with the animals slows down a bit this time of year. But the work of the farm does not slow down much. We added pigs a couple of weeks ago, with more to come in January. Next month a new flock of laying hens will arrive. All of this in anticipation of our new venture into Farmers' Markets. By June we plan to offer grass-fed beef along with pork, chicken, and eggs that have regular access to pasture and are raised on organ


After being absent for a few years, pigs are back on the farm! We have found a new breeder that we hope to work with for years to come. By June 2018 we are hoping to have a full line of pork products available at Farmers' Markets in Colorado Springs and Fremont County, including cuts, Breakfast Sausage, Sweet Italian Sausage, and Chorizo. We tried the Chorizo recently, and in all honesty, it is perhaps the best we have ever tasted. Westcliffe Meats provides our federally inspected processing services. All of their sausage recipes avoid the use of nitrates and nitrites. And they cure the pork using a simple brine solution of salt, pepper, and brown sugar. No lab-produced chemical preservatives. Just a lot of goodness. Stay tuned for more information about our direct sales of pork, beef, eggs and chicken.