After being absent for a few years, pigs are back on the farm! We have found a new breeder that we hope to work with for years to come.

By June 2018 we are hoping to have a full line of pork products available at Farmers' Markets in Colorado Springs and Fremont County, including cuts, Breakfast Sausage, Sweet Italian Sausage, and Chorizo. We tried the Chorizo recently, and in all honesty, it is perhaps the best we have ever tasted.

Westcliffe Meats provides our federally inspected processing services. All of their sausage recipes avoid the use of nitrates and nitrites. And they cure the pork using a simple brine solution of salt, pepper, and brown sugar. No lab-produced chemical preservatives. Just a lot of goodness.

Stay tuned for more information about our direct sales of pork, beef, eggs and chicken.

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