Why We Do What We Do

Here is a sobering thought:
Nearly three-quarters of Americans age 17 to 24 are ineligible for the military due to obesity, other health problems, criminal backgrounds or lack of education, according to government data. That's a harsh reality check for the Pentagon’s plan to recruit tens of thousands of new soldiers, sailors, pilots and cyber specialists over the next five years.
From Politico.

Let me say at the outset that I am not the picture of health . . . at least not yet. My family and I took a journey into farming almost by accident. Our oldest son suffered a severe brain injury when he was young, so we decided that working a "hobby farm" would be better for him than playing endless hours of video games.

But somewhere along the journey of helping our son, we began to discover the connected nature of what we eat to our weight, our mental acuity, our mood, and our overall health. We learned that a great deal of our food system, as supplied by a few international agriculture conglomerates, is basically broken. Additionally, we realize that so much of our national nutrition policy is just flat wrong.

The statistics quoted above provide evidence of the brokenness of our food system. All of the issues cited can be attributed to nutritional deficiencies. Eating a few-to-many bottles of Coke and bags of Cheetos during high school doesn't begin to account for the enormity of the problem.

Ours is a small farm, and we will likely always be a small farm by agricultural standards. Our primary goals are simple:

  • To heal the land in a manner consistent with nature and God's creation that supports our animals, without the use of chemical additives, herbicides, or insecticides; and
  • To provide a source of animal protein that is free of additives and harmful chemicals.
Now, before you get concerned that we are going to bring out Bibles, or crystals, or any sort of Eastern mysticism, keep in mind that our main purpose is this - to provide you and your family with healthy, nature-based, chemical free animal protein. 

The goals sound pretty simple, but we hope that the impact will be substantial. The old adage is true: We are what we eat. Wherever you buy your food, choose the freshest, least processed, additive free food that you can find. And if you live in Colorado in the Pikes Peak region or Fremont County, we hope that you will try our beef, pork, chicken, and eggs. We will be coming to a Farmers' Market near you in 2018.

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