Getting Down to Staples

It is bitter-sweet for me to announce that we are getting down to some basic staples in our meat supply. I say bitter-sweet because we have been overwhelmed with the positive response from our new customers as to the quality of our meat, especially of our beef steaks. We are very please to provide high quality grass finished beef. However, we are a small farm and cannot (yet) keep up with the growing demand for our products.

We will be processing two more beeves in early August. After a 21 day aging period, we should have more steaks in time for Labor Day barbecues. Until then, we have plenty of ground beef (a family favorite) and several arm roasts remaining. (Also, if you like beef heart or tongue, let us know.)

We are in a little better shape with our pork, but supplies of some products are getting limited. We still have a pretty good supply of our ground pork and sausages, as well as pork chops. We also have several ham steaks available. We will be sampling our ham steaks at markets in the near future, because folks do tend to buy them once they have a taste. Different from your store bought ham steaks, ours are brine-cured in sugar and salt - that's it. Our steaks cook up quick on a stove top, in the oven, or on a grill. The steaks are great by themselves, but you can make them really shine with some Mango Tango jam from Blue Skies Organic Vegetables. Your favorite ham glaze or maple syrup can also be a nice addition.

A new offering of pork will be available in September.  As many of you know, we buy our pigs from a local farm in Florence, Colorado. We are working with that farm to be able to increase our purchase of pigs to grow out on our farm.

Of course, we do have a new product arriving later this month - chickens! More on that subject in my next post.

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