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The Wrong Question

If you spend much time with me at a Farmers Market, you might note that I try to avoid being controversial with my customers.  Our market stand is not the place for me to preach about the benefits of organic practices to the soil, or the relationship of proper farm animal care to the quality of the final meat product. Unless someone wants such information, I figure that I am selling to the converted, not trying to convert. That desire to avoid too much controversy tends to extend to this blog. Today, though, I have an issue that has been bugging me a bit and I want to share a few thoughts. I typically do not open the Comments section on this page, but feel free to leave any thoughtful comments at the bottom of this post. This issue is, does the whole pastured animal movement in food really matter to the animals? The cattle that go to a feedlot are generally there for only six months to a year, depending on their age at purchase from a farmer. Your typical industrial grocery store

New Order Form

Our new order form is now available - just in time for our next round of beef. Click on the Place Order link at the top of the home page, place your order online, and pick up and pay for your order at a Farmers Market near you. And remember, more chicken will be available in a week and pork returns the second week in September.

Brief Time Off

Just a quick note that we will not be at the Canon City or Colorado Springs farmers' markets the week of August 19 - 25. My son Peter and I are off at a workshop that week. We will return to markets the following week with more beef!  A week later we will have more (and bigger) chickens available, and pork returns  the week of September 10.

New Meat Choices Coming Soon!

First, please note that we will not be at markets the week of August 19 - 25. Peter and I will be at a workshop that week. Nevertheless, upon our return the week of August 26 - Beef cuts and roasts return!