New Meat Choices Coming Soon!

First, please note that we will not be at markets the week of August 19 - 25. Peter and I will be at a workshop that week. Nevertheless, upon our return the week of August 26 -

Beef cuts and roasts return!

Thanks for all of our great customers who have been sticking with us through low inventories of beef and pork. We took more cattle up for processing last week, so a selection of steaks and roasts will be here just in time for Labor Day weekend.

Our next round of pork goes up the hill to Westcliffe Meats on September 7, so we should have roasts, chops and sausage available at markets during the week of September 9. Our bacon requires a 10 day curing period, so it will not be available until later in September. (I know, I'm sorry!)

Finally, more chickens are in the final weeks of production, as well. We are hoping for some larger birds for whole and cut choices this time, and they will be available after September 3. Until then, we still have a pretty good inventory of frozen whole chickens available for sale.

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