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Where's the beef (and pork and chicken)?

The Canon City Farmers Market wraps up the last week of September, and the two Colorado Farm & Art Markets end the summer season on October 13. The question we are continually asked these days is, "Where can I get my meat once the markets close?" No worries! We've got you covered. We will be making regular drops at four locations every two weeks after markets close. These drops will be for pre-orders only, so you will need to place your orders ahead of time through our web site or by phone. On delivery days, simply meet us at a drop location and pick up your order. We are still working out the details of our drop locations, so be sure to check back here for more information. For now, you can keep updated on all things farm related by subscribing to this site above, and by "liking" our Facebook page @virescofarm.

Why Raise and Eat Grass Fed Beef

An interesting article concerning why we should be eating grass fed beef. Your comments are welcomed below.