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Keep Your Carcass!

Happy Thanksgiving! I think that it is wonderful that we have set aside a day to give thanks for all that we have - in spite of the whiplash-inducing change of gears we experience on Black Friday. I want to offer a reminder, though, to not waste the wonderful leftover turkey carcass. The guys over at Kettle & Fire, the makers of packaged bone broth, have a simple recipe for making your own turkey bone broth from your leftover bird. Click HERE for a link to their recipe. And from all of us at the farm, we are so thankful for getting to know some wonderful new people this year. You are so much more to us than customers. Mike Adams, Farmer Viresco Farm

A Few Questions

So, I have a few questions for our current and future customers. As we begin focusing more on the regular delivery of our farm products to specific drop locations, I would like to learn how we can best serve your shopping needs. I am not going to send out an electronic "survey" because I get annoyed at how many of those pop up on a regular basis. I would ask that you respond to me by email with your thoughts, and that gives me a chance to communicate with you directly if I have any follow-up questions. And do not feel that you need to respond to each question - only to those that matter to you. You can contact me at . How often do you want deliveries of our pastured frozen meat products? How often do you want deliveries of our farm fresh eggs? Would you like the option of home delivery service? If so, what type of premium would you expect to pay for such service? We currently deliver to public locations, such as business parking lots. Wou

Meeting New Chicks

Peter, "Hey Mom! Dad's out meeting new chicks at the bar(n)!" I was reminded of my middle son's attempt at humor as my mother-in-law took this picture (above) yesterday. I must admit an affinity for hanging out with my chicks. All kidding aside, this picture is instructive. The chicken on my shoulder is one we kept back from our last trip to our processor. She is still rather small, and she was really too small for processing two weeks ago. Even with two more weeks of growth, she is still very small. So small that the larger hens in our barn scare her. If I sit down, she hops in my lap, runs up my arm, and perches on my shoulder. No kidding! I am not sure if she is an anomaly, or whether she is indicative of our last set of red broiler chickens. For whatever reason, we have a lot of smaller meat birds from our last set. As such, you will notice that I have added a category of smaller sized birds on our order form. When we raised our first set of meat birds