A Few Questions

So, I have a few questions for our current and future customers. As we begin focusing more on the regular delivery of our farm products to specific drop locations, I would like to learn how we can best serve your shopping needs. I am not going to send out an electronic "survey" because I get annoyed at how many of those pop up on a regular basis. I would ask that you respond to me by email with your thoughts, and that gives me a chance to communicate with you directly if I have any follow-up questions. And do not feel that you need to respond to each question - only to those that matter to you.

You can contact me at mike.adams@virescofarm.com.

  1. How often do you want deliveries of our pastured frozen meat products?
  2. How often do you want deliveries of our farm fresh eggs?
  3. Would you like the option of home delivery service? If so, what type of premium would you expect to pay for such service?
  4. We currently deliver to public locations, such as business parking lots. Would you prefer to pick up your products in a neighborhood location outside of another customer's home?
  5. Do you prefer paying in person or online?
  6. When shopping for meat online, are you okay with selecting cuts on a price-per-pound basis, not knowing the actual cost until we send you an invoice, or would you prefer to have the products' final price available online?
This last question goes to the problem with meat sales in general, because sellers have a history of selling by the pound. For example, one farm out east prices their NY Strip steaks online at $20.52 for a 1 to 1.2 pound steak. If you assume that a 1.2 pound steak is $20.52, then that is $17.10 per pound. Thus, the 1 pound steak could sell for $3.42 less if the steaks were truly priced per pound. You can also view this from the opposite perspective and assume that a 1 pound steak is $20.52, so if you get a 1.2 pound steak in your order, you are getting "bonus" meat.

Granted, we could pre-price everything and list items individually on our order sheet. Unfortunately, that is a bit of a logistical and data entry nightmare at this point in our farming business.

Thank you for taking the time to consider these questions. I look forward to hearing from you.

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