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Falling Prices on Chickens and Eggs!

I was watching a documentary the other day about a woman who has developed a new method of purifying water by lining a water container with a liquid that contains live bacteria. The bacteria work to clean the water in the container, ultimately rendering the water drinkable. A visit to India, where she witnessed many people in abject poverty carrying absolutely filthy drinking water home to their families, inspired her to develop this new approach to water purification. As you might guess, sickness and disease are rampant in these areas, so clean water is essential to life. This woman had a great idea, but I could not help but think: Why not just clean up the water? Of course my naivete quickly gave way to the realization: Of course, it will take years of coordinated effort by local leaders, citizens, business interests, etc. to clean up the polluted waters. Thus, there is a need for clean water now while the wheels of change and improvement move slowly forward. There are simil