To all are friends from Viresco Farm,

It has been quite a year with may trials at a personal, national, and international level.  However; it has also been a year of blessings, with love, help, and support coming from may unexpected places.  We would like to thank all of you for continuing to care for us and the success of Viresco Farm.  We will continue to work to bring all of you the best beef possible in the years to come and with Grace we will continue to grow. 

We are starting this year with two new furry family members, Leia, and Sampson. (4 months and 40 Lbs)  

They have been learning their new job by helping to take care of our bottle calf, Eleanor.  

But soon they will be tending to the new calves that we are expecting in 2021.  

With all this talk of beef, I need to remind you that we still have a large stock of pork available on the website and bones for making soup in this cold season.  So, to tempt your taste buds I will share some more recipes that we enjoy here at the farm.

Pork Chops with Sour Cream (from a german recipe)
4 pork chops
4 large onions, in rings
1 egg
1/3 C bread crumbs or your favorite coating
Butter - as needed for frying
Salt and Pepper
4 Apples, thinly sliced (skin off)
1 lemon, thickly sliced
1 pint sour cream

Wash the pork chops and pat dry.  Scramble the egg then dip chops in egg followed by the bread crumbs.  With butter, fry the pork chops on both sides to brown, then place in an oven set at 350 to finish cooking.  This keep the pork from becoming tight.  I like to use my cast iron or a dutch oven to get an even heating.  
With another skillet fry the onions with butter until onions are light brown.  Salt and pepper to taste.  Add apples and let them "stew".  
To serve, place chops on individual plates and top with the onion and apple mix.  This is then topped with a generous dollop of sour cream and topped with a lemon slice or two.  
To keep the food warm while plating you can return each plate to the over at 200 until ready to serve.  
Serve with potatoes to catch all the juices.  

Hungarian Goulash
(This can be made with beef or pork)
2 pounds lean meat (cut in cubes or ground)
3 Tbs bacon fat ( I fry the bacon and keep the crisps for a topping)
2 large onions
3 Tbs flour
2 tsp paprika
2 cloves (or more) garlic chopped
1 quart boiling water, or bone broth
1 to 1 1/2 C Burgundy wine (any Red you like)
15 oz can of tomato sauce or small diced.  
This is intended to be a slow cooking stew.  
Start by browning the meat in the bacon fat.  Add the chopped onions and cook to golden.  Lower the heat on the stove and add the flour, making sure to get it fully mixed with the fat.  This keeps it from forming lumps.  Then add paprika and garlic cloves.  Turn up the heat to medium until you start to smell the garlic.  Add your water/broth to deglaze the pan and lift all the good flavors into the stew.  Then add Burgundy and tomato sauce.  Slow cook for 2 hours, add liquid as needed.  This turns out to be very dark red and rich.  Serve over the starch of your choice (mashed potatoes, spaetzle, gnocchi, egg noodles, rice -- knock yourself out).  
If you wish to add vegetables, drop them in about 20 minutes before you are finished cooking.  Then top with the crisped bacon.  
With luck you will have leftovers.  For each 2 cups of Goulash you have left, add pasta or potatoes and 3 cups of boiling water to make a soup.  

We hope you enjoy


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